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PIMI renewal 2018

文章h3t » 週五 5月 11, 2018 7:09 pm


As a valued member of the International H3Touch (a member of Ctha) we are pleased to offer you renewal of your professional membership.

Professional Membership includes both Life and 2 year Members and is designed to provide resources, information, and community to Touch therapist & instructor.
Touch Therapy instructor or therapists face unique challenges in today’s environment. On one hand, there are fewer barriers to entry than ever before. On the other, a career as an instructors/therapist is difficult to build, and even for a allied health profession, the industry can at times seem not favorable for independent instructors or therapists.
Whether you freelance, teacher, allied health professions with a major or small self-company /NGOs in your work, we offer services—from referral, marketing tips and teaching materials updates—that can help you at every stage of your professional career. Come join our community.

Membership renewal as below:
1. Lifetime membership – one off payment of HK$5500.00 (One Course)
2. Lifetime membership – one off payment of HK$7000.00 (Two Course)
3. Lifetime membership – one off payment of HK8000.00 (Three Course)
2. 2 year membership – 2018 – 2019 HK$1200.00 (Each Course)

If you prefer to renew by post, please feel in the attached and return back to
Tuen Mun Central Post Box 747

Please go to http://www.h3touch.org/phpBB/ and registered for our future communication. All updated materials will upload to H3Touch student forum.

Your annual member registered fee is HK$1200.00 (2 yearly) or HK$5500.00 (Lifetime). If you wish to post up your name on our website, please fill in the attached form for our follow up. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Program Director & International Trainer
Tel: (852) 91065162
Nora Leung
Program Director
"Hands with Heart and Love with Touch"
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Re: PIMI renewal 2018

文章h3t » 週四 6月 07, 2018 2:02 pm

Support, contribution, advocacy, resources.

Membership Q & A

1. What membership can I choose?
Life membership or 2 year membership only available for student passed the examination or assessment.
Student membership usually included in the tuition you paid for the training.

2. Am I required to do continued education in order to retain my Professional Membership (PIMI/CPMI/CPMT)?
It is not a requirement to do continued education in your fields of study in order to retain your Professional Membership. Although we recommend you do up-skill and keep up to date with the latest practices, we do not enforce continued education and training. We grant membership on the basis of your existing qualifications, so provided your existing qualifications meet our membership criteria your membership status will be retained.

3. From which date is my Membership valid?
Your membership is valid for 2 calendar years from the day of joining and example like 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019 and no matter which date you join in 2018. For life membership, it start when you payment is confirmed. Four weeks prior to your renewal for 2 yearly members, you are sent an email notice to advise you that your renewal is due and that your renewal fee need arrange before the due date.

4. What benefit do I have after joining?
Member benefit:
1. Use of forum & members newsletter
2. Update teaching materials including research, strokes, video, and referral.
3. PIMI instructor badge
4. One free CPD workshop yearly (Timetable on www.h3touch.org)
5. Free teaching materials for free community promotion infant class. (Application need and subject final approval)
6. Special price for instructor T-shirt or Therapist Apron
7. Special price Teaching materials for Parent in Infant or Children massage class
8. Top up Pediatric Massage Instructor course with special member tuition
9. Top up Touch Therapist course (Pregnancy) with special member tuition
10. Top up Breast Massage Therapist Course (Breast Feeding Mother) with special member tuition

5. How to join?
Simply go www.h3touch.org for online enrolment and payment. For enquire, please feel free to contact touch@h3touch.org or WhatsApp 52173169
Nora Leung
Program Director
"Hands with Heart and Love with Touch"
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