H3touch Training 訓練課程

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We Provide Infant Massage, Pediatric Massage, Pediatric Special needs massage, Infant Yoga, Pre/Postnatal Massage, Pet Massage, Aromatherapy course etc.我們提供嬰兒按摩導師課程, 嬰孩瑜伽導師課程, 幼兒按摩導師及治療師課程, 產前/後孕婦按摩課程, 寵物按摩課程及香薰治療按摩及天然護膚品DIY課程.


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Home based 1 to 1 infant massage teaching / Child massage & touch therapy assessment & treatment

We provide 1 to 1 home based teaching to needy infant and preterm/ SEN children.  Contact us by online form and payment

You could apply change class schedule within 12 month after enrollment and no refund will arrange unless our training cancel completely. Please enroll and paid to arrange a seat.

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