Members Service (Volunteer Service) 參加義工服務

A group of PIMI & CIMI® Trainer and IFA Aromatherapist began our volunteer services the Project leader. We provided aromatherapy to elderly with pain and those in hospice care since 2005. Most recently, we extend our training program to provide specialized education and inspiration for massage therapists, medical personnel, and parents committed to addressing the needs of medically challenged infants and children who are hospitalized or in hospice care.


The Touch Project (

The Touch Project of H3Touch is a non-profit volunteer based organization which provides compassionate touch massage therapy free of charge to men, women, infants and children living with in community. We offer free classes to low income families. Social Worker & Doctor are welcome to make referrals.

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To fulfill its mission of service, the project trains CIMI® & PIMI® Infant Massage instructor, massage therapists, nurses, IFA Aromatherapists and others who are certified to “touch”, the gentle art of delivering compassionate and healing therapeutic touch. We strive to improve the physical, emotional, and psychological well being of ill and isolated individuals through the healing touch of massage therapy.

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From 2015 onward, we extend our project to China and we need more volunteers to help.  If you are interested in volunteer your time, please contact Nora ( directly and fill in the online form for further follow up. 

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MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS OF JOINING  Support, contribution, advocacy, resources.

Professional Membership includes both Life and 2 year Members and is designed to provide resources, information, and community to Touch therapist & instructor.

Touch Therapy instructor or therapists face unique challenges in today’s environment. On one hand, there are fewer barriers to entry than ever before. On the other, a career as an instructors/therapist is difficult to build, and even for a allied health profession, the industry can at times seem not favorable for independent instructors or therapists.

Whether you freelance, teacher, allied health professions with a major or small self-company /NGOs in your work, we offer services—from referral, marketing tips and teaching materials updates—that can help you at every stage of your professional career. Come join our community.

PIMI/CPMI/CPMT/Touch therapist renewal (online form)

Student membership (it is usually includes in your tuition for a year)

2 Yearly renewal – 2019 – 2020 memberships HK$1800.00 (1.1.2019 – 31.12.2020)

Life memberships : one off payment of HK$6500.00 (One Course) HK$7000.00 (Two Course) HK8000.00 (Three Course or above)

Member benefit:


1. Use of forum & members newsletter

2. Update teaching materials including research, strokes, video, and referral.

3. PIMI/CPMT/CPMI/Touch therapist/ instructor badge

4. One free CPD workshop yearly (Timetable on  Jul 2019 1830 – 2000 at Wanchai Studio

5. Free teaching materials for free community promotion infant class.  (Application need and subject final approval) H3touch sponsorship application form  (only life member can apply)

6. Special price for instructor T-shirt or Therapist Apron

7. Special price Teaching materials for Parent in Infant or Children massage class

8. Top up Pediatric Massage Instructor course with special member tuition

9. Top up Touch Therapist course (Pregnancy) with special member tuition

10. Top up Breast Massage Therapist Course (Breast Feeding Mother) with special member tuition

11. Top up Aromatherapist course or A & P course with discount coupon

Twint Promotion _life                                           membership benefit discount

(please use with your life membership card)

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Please fill in on line form and send your cheque to Tuen Mun Post Box 747.